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We are a small family run kennel located in Rockingham, North Carolina. Its here i started rasing hounds and hunting them in the bays and swamps of Ledbetter lake. i started this kennel for the main reason that some one who wanted to know if there hound had what it takes to become a coon dog, could without spending a ton of money. I do it because i love hunting and hearing thouse hounds run up and down the creeks chasing that old ring tail. I dont do it to try and get rich buy my gas and some feed for the dogs is about all i want out of it. I have plenty of land to hunt from big tall corn fields to the banks of the mighty Pee Dee river. I hunt in the wild no coons that know what time to get to the feeder.

Photo Description : Me and 'PR'Ledbetter Last Hope getting home after a nights hunt.
I hunt about 5 nights a week, and try to go to the hunts when I have something worth hunting. My wife and kids help with feeding and cleaning all the dogs here. it is time we all get to spend doing something we love together. I want to take this time to thank you for stoping by and looking at are kennel. i hope to hear from you soon even if its just to come on down and go hunting.If you are not happy with the results here i will refund your money...
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